Plan for the clinic is normally to finish with the Footstock race, so this time you get to do a 5K solo run to see how fit you are. The course is 2.5K each way along the river between the wooden bridge at the east end and the Highway 22 bridge at the other. Your choice as to which end you start from, but the idea is that you time yourself over the complete course as if it were a race, so no stopping your watch half way.

The two ends of the course are relatively easy to identify, at the highway 22 end there is a gate just before the access roadway to the river, at the east end, you need to go just above the driveway to the house, hopefully these pictures make the locations obvious.

While mapping out this course in a longer run, my time was 37:37 for the course, so just over 7:31/K, hopefully I will be a bit faster by the end of the clinic.