Clinic starts 20th March

Run To Foostock 2019 starts on 20th March. So sign up now! 11 Weeks of three times a week group training designed to get you fit to race the Footstock 5K or 10K race.

How to sign up for clinic

  1. Download and print the Run To Footstock 2019 registration form
  2. Fill in the form
  3. Email the club at a photo of your filled in form
  4. Send an e-transfer of $65 to or bring cash or a cheque to the first session.
  5. Download the Run To Footstock Manual and read through it while thinking that the weather will be warmer by 20th March
  6. (optional) Enrol your friends as well.

Once you have signed up by email we will be sending out regular emails to all participants advising them of run times and locations.