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New Sponsor – Malc Kent Run

Club members receive 20% off gait analysis and strength training sessions.
Some of you may already recognize Malc Kent from running with the Red Rock Runners. What you may not know is that Malc is a Professional scientist, gait and biomechanics specialist, high performance sport coach, strength coach and running coach. Over the past 4 years Malc has become known internationally as a leading expert in outdoor running gait analysis and has previously worked with Nike, Adidas, Garmin, Redbull and DorsaVi.
From his home in Cochrane, Malc now works with runners of all levels with the goal of decoding what it takes to keep athletes injury free and healthy so that they can pursue their ultimate aim of unlocking their full potential. By integrating comprehensive gait and biomechanical analysis with running specific strength training, Malc helps runners significantly reduce their risk of suffering common running injuries. Keeping them up and running for longer.

Malc applies a coaching approach that seamlessly integrates comprehensive gait analysis with running strength training and the very best and latest, focused technology. Utilizing this method Malc has been extremely successful in keeping athletes injury free year after year whilst they continue to break life time personal bests in their events.
If you want to know more about Malc’s approach to running training and about the services on offer visit his website or email