As a follow on to the Run To Footstock 2013 clinic Dave and Pete have decided to lead an informal Fun Training Group with a focus on race preparation. All runners are welcome anytime, but as we all know, consistent training is what brings results. Please note that club membership is not required to join in on these runs, but if you are a member we will be able to email you with last minute changes, plus membership has some other benefits.

Focus for April and May is to get ready for the outdoor 5K and 10K races, so lots of drills and hills, plus tempo running together with building base mileage. As we move into summer, we build distance for 10K races in September, and then start our transition to speedwork for the indoor track series that runs December – January. We then transition to base building to get ready for harder training once April rolls around.

When it’s pouring rain and you’re bowling along through the wet, there’s satisfaction in knowing you’re out there and the others aren’t. —Peter Snell

Training Plan

Plan is fairly simple, we will meet for Drills/Strength/Hills on one evening and Fartlek/Tempo/Race Pace on another evening. Currently we are alternating these sessions Tuesdays and Thursday evenings, so if you can only make one night/week you still get a balance of training. We will do the club Saturday long run, and have an easy recovery trail run on the Sunday (or alternatively cross train with the cyclists). Details of each week’s training are posted on the home page.


Group is open to everyone who wants to train with us, only requirement is that you want to have fun and don’t complain too much about hills or heavy breathing. In the clinic we managed to make it fun for all abilities from 45 to 75 minutes 10K. If you think you will not be able to keep up, just come with a friend – warm up, drills and cooldown will be done as a group, but gaps will open up when we are doing the main work of the sessions.

Training Principles

  • Aim of all training is to be fit for the next session
  • Occasional heavy breathing is good for you
  • Strength before speed
  • Practice running at many different paces
  • Never race in training, save it for races
  • Consistent running makes it easier
  • Progressive training gets you fitter
  • Remember to play on the hills
  • If you are not enjoying running you are doing it wrong