Virtual Clinic

Due to the continuing effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2023 clinic is not happening, the 2020 details are posted at our Virtual Clinic Schedule page.

Run To Footstock 2024 clinic

Clinic is intended for Adults

This clinic is intended for adults, who either want to get into running, or improve race times. This clinic is not suitable for children, they are better catered for in school cross country or track teams, or failing that one of the Calgary track clubs.

Clinic Notes

notes for the Run To Footstock Clinic are here. (Notes have been reformatted to a smaller page size to make it easier to read).

Clinic Runs

  • Group training session Wednesday evenings at 6:30PM
  • Group long runs on Saturday Mornings at 8:30AM
  • Group training session Monday evenings at 6:30PM

Note. This clinic does not use the Run-Walk approach to running. We discovered over time that when trying that approach, beginners run faster than their body is ready for and then walk so slowly that the training effect of the run is lost. The effect of trying to run faster than your body is able to handle typically results in injury, often injuries that are very slow to heal – knees, ankles and tendons. The Run-Walk method can be successful if everyone in the group is able to control their pace while running, and when running solo, but for the purposes of this clinic we have found it easier to control the pace by requesting continuous running from the start.

Quotes from past participants

Michelle — Many THANKS to Pete & all the wonderful leads in the learn to run club. It was a great intro to running and made my 1st & 2nd 10km attempts much better than if I’d tried on my own. What a great race day for Footstock 2017.

Frans — That was a perfect race day. I smashed my PR because of the awesome run to footstock clinic. A huge thank you to Pete and all the run leads and of course all the other participants. You’re an awesome bunch.

Notes on Scheduling of the Clinic

We run this clinic in the spring, mainly because it fits in well with the Footstock race, but also because this allows participants to enjoy a summer of running before the fall hits. If we were to do a clinic in the fall it would be harder to schedule sessions on grass because the evenings are so much shorter in October and November.

In the meantime you are welcome to join in on any of the club runs, especially the runs that are tagged with FTG which are training sessions that are a continuation of what we do in the clinics. If you are fresh off the couch, then it is probably better than you work up to walking 5K about 3 days/week before starting the clinic.

Run To Foostock 2020 Poster for anyone who is able to advertise the clinic.