Planning for a six-week 5K and 10K Race Preparation clinic starting Tuesday 3rd August 2021. Not intended for beginners, intention is to support people who have been training through the summer who want to get race fit for the September/October race season. This will only run if restrictions on outside group training have been lifted by August. Plan is to train 4 times per week, Tuesday and Thursday evenings we will do drills, interval training and longer repetitions, on the Saturday and Sunday we will do longer runs to build endurance. If you are interested please email the club at redrockrunners.com@gmail.com Note. Spaces will be limited and these sessions are race preparation, so by the start of August you should be comfortable running 40K/week

The Run To Footstock clinic should restart in 2022.

Run with us! (Once COVID-19 is done)

Running is more fun with friends. Come join us at any of these regular runs (which are unfortunately cancelled for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic due to the need for keeping physically distant from each other):

Saturdays: 8:30am at Coffee Traders

Sundays: Cancelled for duration

Mondays: 6:30pm from site of old swimming pool (near Lions Event Center) for fartlek (Cancelled for duration)

Tuesdays: Fun Training Group

Wednesdays PM: 7:00pm from site of old swimming pool (near Lions Event Center) for trail run (Cancelled for duration)

Thursdays: Fun Training Group

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